best medical practice management software

Integrating with Best Practice,CODD Analyses your Practice's performance giving you
up to date information every second of every day

practice management at your fingertips

CODD Technologies has developed an innovative & automated reporting system giving you
as a Practice Owner, key data at your fingertips


CODD technologies has built a cost effective and interactive reporting system for transforming your practice into a productive health care hub. It is integrated with Best Practice and Xero for a management software that is suited for independent medical practices. Developed and built by a Practice Owner, the features include practice management, electronic health records, patient engagement, financial analytics and business intelligence reporting that all collaborate to automate the practice workflow.


CODD offers a flexible platform so you can easily manage your entire practice, all locations and patient experience. You get flexible real time scheduling, accurate reporting and easy-to-use patient engagement tools.


Workflow elements work seamlessly together, generating key information to the practice owners and staff throughout the continuum of care.


Specialized tools for all roles including scheduling and patient relationship management.


Processes and dashboards are fully automated, reducing labour and improving information & data accuracy.

Dynamic platform

CODD also operates on the cloud platform and can be accessed anywhere with highest levels of data security available.

CODDis browser agnostic for Mac and Windows operating systems and has the ability to run on any device.

Seamless Workflow

Integrated workflow automates the patient journey, including appointment reminders that can be sent to patients via text or email.

Following are the major Codd solution modules

Online Appointments

SMS & Recall Remainders

Online New Patient Registrations

Virtual Waiting Rooms


KPI - Key Performance Indicators

Codd Sidebar

Patient Self Check-in Kiosk

Daily Doctors Reports

Weekly Practice Performance Report

Monthly Doctor Report

Patients Visits & Demography

Roster (Staff Roster)

Daily Staff & Nurse Checklists

Business Development Tools

Medical Transcriptions

Useful calculators included in the system

Wage Calculator

Doctor Earning Calculator

Online Appointment Savings

Practice Budget Calculator

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