CODD Solutions for Doctors

Sidebar tool

This tool provides Doctors with a holistic overview of patient management and preventative care. Colour coded for easy understanding. Our ‘Pyramid’ reduces the risk of excess billing for a specific item number.


There is nothing more frustrating than having a patient not turn up to their appointment. Our automated SMS reminder system will reduce the ‘no shows’ and save Doctors time and money.

daily reports

This extensive report provides doctors with valuable information and ways to optimise their billing.

Monthly reports

Doctors receive a detailed monthly report (via email) providing valuable information from clinical data to billing details including ‘predicted’ earnings analysis.


Our automated recall system ensures your patient receives an SMS right away. This minimises the medico legal risk of important recalls being lost in the system.

medical transcription

Save time and increase revenue by utilising this service. Our system provides security using SSL encryption for all your audio documentation. State of the art technology with secure electronic document delivery.


Nothing frustrates patients more than not knowing how long they must wait to see the doctor. Our self check-in kiosk shows the ‘wait time’. The kiosk also allows patients to participate in a feedback/satisfaction survey making them pleased to be part of quality improvement within the Practice.