CODD Solutions for Patients

Online Appointment

Your patients have access to your appointment system 24/7. Our system is swift and easy to use which allows patients to book on the go rather than being placed ‘on hold’ or waiting for the Practice to open. Patients can reserve their appointment at their own convenience and secure their booking.

Sms Appointment reminder

In our busy revolving world, it can be hard for patients to remember when their next appointment is. Our automated system will send patients an SMS reminder the day before to confirm their appointment.

sms recall reminder

Patients can be confident that the Practice is 100% committed to their health needs by sending automated SMS clinical recall and reminders through our system.

new patient registration form

New patients have the ease of completing this form prior to their appointment and at their convenience. This form can be completed on a smartphone, tablet or computer if there is internet access.

virtual waiting room

Nothing frustrates patients more than not knowing how long they must wait to see the doctor. Our self check-in kiosk shows the ‘wait time’. The kiosk also allows patients to participate in a feedback/satisfaction survey making them pleased to be part of quality improvement within the Practice.

self check-in kiosk

Our Self Check-In system eliminates patient frustration having to queue up at reception only to advise they have arrived. Patients can check in themselves via our onsite kiosk.