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This platform provides GP Owners and Management with a detailed analysis of their practice . It gathers valuable information so you can analyse, formulate and implement strategies to provide patient quality of care, profitability and success.

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Providing Doctors with valuable analytical data enables them to better manage financial and clinical outcomes. From doctors reports to earnings calculator, this tool is an essential part of clinical governance and financial stability.

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Managing your staff roster and timesheets has never been easier. Create rosters in minutes, saving time and improving efficiency. Staff are notified when a new roster is ready, are able to accept or decline their roster and update their timesheet on a daily basis.

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Online Appointment

Quick and easy to use, online booking allows patients to book an appointment when it's convenient for them, therefore increasing the Practice's bookings With our pre-consult notes and new patient registration it saves time and frees staff to attend to more pressing tasks. Our booking platform ensures patient data remains within your Practice.

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Free up reception to ‘welcome’ new patients and create a good first impression. Patients can register ahead of time via our online new patient registration portal, anywhere, anytime using a computer, tablet or smartphone. This service will save time, reduce data entry errors and provide a smoother, faster onboarding process providing a positive experience all round.

DOB : 14/11/1995

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Pre Consult Notes

Capturing the patient’s presenting symptoms and any other relevant clinical information allows the Doctor to understand the patient’s needs prior to consultation and plan for their visit. It provides effective consultations by reducing Doctor admin time and letting you spend more time face to face with the patient.

DOB : 14/11/1995

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